Rock 101

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This list of songs is intended to give an overview of rock, with a focus on the parts that I personally know (60's, some 70's). The target audience is a present-day teenager (like my son Noah), and the goal is to have them find something that resonates, and get into it.

It's not intended to be a list of great songs, or to be comprehensive.

Lots of genres have a connection with rock (e.g. folk, reggae, rap etc.). I've included examples of these if there's a strong connection.

Please email me if a) any of the links here don't work, or b) you'd like to suggest new or different songs.






Intentional omissions:
  • Simon and Garfunkel
  • most folk (joan baez, woodie guthrie)
  • the carpenters
  • phil collins

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