Ultimate Boot

Some nights, the level of play at YMCA Tuesday Night Volleyball was so low - a grotesque parade of missed serves and blown sets - that no one burned even a single calorie. So we started playing ultimate frisbee (or rather, an Arena Football-like variant in which the disk could be caught on the rebound from walls, etc.) in the few minutes from the end of volleyball (10:00 PM) to when they threw us out of the Y (typically about 10:20).

One night there was no disk. We considered various objects, finally settling on one of my hiking boots: it could be thrown roughly the same distance as a frisbee, though of course it packed more of a wallop on arrival. This worked OK and we enjoyed a few minutes of spirited Ultimate Boot. Then a Y employee walked in and announced in a Barry White kind of voice: "It's ten o'clock. Ain't no more boot in here.".