I've worked on a number of computer-related projects for fun and research purposes. Some of them have produced software that I'd be happy to share. Contact me.

  1. Rhythmic Resonance. (Interactive computer music piece). A complex rhythm piece (techno, African, etc.) exists silently until you "resonate" it. Each voice in the piece is played with loudness proportional to its similarity to your input.
  2. Random-dot autostereograms. My program (SGI/GL) has two novel aspects: 1) it handles continuous depth, e.g., you can draw smooth spheres; 2) it can do animations (moving 3-D surfaces).
  3. FORMULA and MOOD. These are multi-process programming languages for computer music, based on Forth and C++ respectively. The idea is to program each aspect of the music (voices, volume control, tempo change, articulation control) in a separate process.
  4. Red/blue 3-D drawing program. This SGI/GL program lets you make 3-D line drawings using the mouse. You need a pair of red/blue glasses; I got mine from a 3-D comic book.
  5. Potential music. Inspired by the hierarchical structures formed by gravitational attraction in large-scale astronomical structures, this program generates 2-D patterns of notes that minimize a potential function (with terms that impose harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic structure), then lets you "play" it using the mouse.
  6. Computer-aided piano practice. The program (hooked up to your MIDI keyboard) uses 3D graphics to show you what you really played (timing, dynamics) as opposed to what you thought you played.