Staying sane during COVID-19

random trip report

I'm trying to find remote ways of doing my usual social activities, like playing music and word games together.

If you have any suggestions, please email me.


Cocktail party

Is there a teleconferencing app that simulates a cocktail party, i.e. people can dynamically break up into pairs or small groups, and eavesdrop on other groups in deciding where to go? It's possible that Second Life could be used for this, though I haven't verified it.


Kast lets 2 or more people watch a movie together, but it has bad reviews. You can also just watch a movie independently and talk via Skype.

Wanted: some sort of "listening party" where people play their favorite youtubes for everyone. You can do this in Skype with Share Screen but the quality is poor.


1 player, multiple listeners:

Multiple players, low delay

You need low latency (<30ms, say) for multiple people to play in synch together.

Multiple players, high delay. You hear others with a fixed delay, like 1 measure or 1 blues progression.

Multi-player word games

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