Unfamiliar sports

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I like pretty much all sports, both as participant and spectator. The American "big 3" (baseball, basketball, football) are OK but I gravitate toward more obscure sports like badminton and curling.

Here are some sports that you not be familiar with:

  • Real tennis. I've actually played this, at the Queen's Club in London, with Francois Grey. The rules are extremely complex; a partial explanation is here.
  • Bo-Taoshi. See for yourself. Note: once I was in Tokyo and my hotel room overlooked a school playground. I observed a number of games, and they all rewarded teamwork rather than individual achievement. For example, a pair of long wooden skis that 10 or so kids strapped their feet into - to move forward, everyone had to act in unison.
  • Kabaddi. A much fancier version of tag. Also beach Kabaddi.
  • Dodgeball. Another children's game played by adults.
  • Cornhole. A picnic game played by mouth-breathers.
  • Team handball. A game in the hockey mold, like lacrosse.
  • Teqball. Ping-pong played with soccer skills.
  • Sepak Takraw Badminton with hockey skills. Amazing. Intro video.
  • Netball. A basketball variant. Rules. Similar to the Dutch game of Korfball.
  • Bossaball. Volleyball on trampolines and bouncy castles.
  • SlamBall. Basketball on trampolines.
  • Cycle Ball. Hockey on bicycles.
  • Unicycle basketball. This is played in a park near my house. The name says it all. There are unicycle variants of other sports too.

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