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Various music-related web sites.


Sadly, these use the (horrible, rip-off) "pay to view" model.

Notation, scores, and editors

  • Message boards about music notation. Some very knowledgeable participants.
  • LilyPond: a textual Latex-like notation language, and software that renders it graphically. Feature-rich, and the site explores notational issues. Supports proportional notation and grid lines.
  • MuseScore: desktop score editor. Open source. Uses MusicXML or its own file format. Used to support LilyPond; no longer does.
  • Noteflight: web-based score editor. Open-source.
  • Finale: desktop score editor, commercial.
  • Sibelius: desktop score editor. Commercial, limited version is free. No "export" option AFAIK.
  • Ardour: Open-source DAW
  • ScoreCloud. Web-based score editor. Save to local file only if pay.
  • Flat. Web-based score editor.
  • A course in music notation at Stanford
  • IMSLP: archive of public domain music scores (PDF).
  • forScore: app to display PDF scores.

Score scanning

File formats


  • MIDIUtil Lightweight Python library for generating MIDI files.
  • Music 21 fancy all-purpose python toolkit
  • JythonMusic: python music and graphics
  • SCAMP: time deformations in Python?

Music instruction

  • Several online courses by my friend Marc Sabatella: MuseScore, basic theory, harmony, counterpoint.
  • Tomplay: an app follows along with you in the score. They sell the scores, which are in a proprietary format.
  • Playground, a piano instruction method where you play along with simplified interactive scores, and the computer plays other parts so it sounds good. Cool idea, pretty well done.
  • Smartmusic. Music-teaching software.

Audio rendering (MIDI to audio)

Spatialization and HRTFs


Papers that study performance nuance, and show actual data.

Automated nuance:

Audio I/O libraries

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