Random links
random trip report


Science Toys
The UCB Parents Network


Sun Yue, my volleyball idol
Volleyball games in the bay area

Math and Science

Mandelbrot fly-through
The known Universe
Satellites over Berkeley
Misconceptions about electricity
Learn the Night Sky
The Physics of Microwave Background Anisotropies
Catastrophe Theory
Phases of Matter
Chaos and Jupiter
Hyperphysics (excellent physics content)


Rejuvenation.com (lighting, hardware)
Sunrise specialty (plumbing)

Three-D and vision

3D glasses and other stuff
3d pix from burning man
wiggly 3D pictures
lcd + cellophane = 3D
A Nurse's Guide to Testing Your Eye Health with Optical Illusions

Games and puzzles

Charlotte's Web
Kegler's Kryptics (cryptic crossword puzzles)
The Flash mind reader
Adventure online
Latin games (including "Unus Dies in Circo Maximo").
1000 Blank White Cards
Car games

Music (Bay Area venues)

SFGate music listings


International Music Score Library Project
The Robert Helps Web Monument
www.recmusic.org Lyrics and other info about lieder
Schubertline: preview and buy sheet music (mostly lieder) online. Extremely good!
Change ringing (for Dorothy L. Sayers fans)
Classical vocal scores
Chamber Musicians of Northern California
3D music


Color Palette chooser ab initio
Color Palette Generator takes a photo, generates a matching palette
Lynne's glossary of esoteric architecture and design terms
Web collage (a dynamic collage of random images from the web)
Oyonale (computer-generated images, available as posters)
Vermeer's camera
Sister Randy
A bunch of optical illusions

Just plain good

The visual thesaurus
Coquis at Arecibo
Northern Exposure
Meme Central
MLM Watchdog
Degree Confluence Project
Random quotes from DeLillo's White Noise


Rich Gibson on Equality, Justice, and Freedome
Larry Gonick (A cartoon history of the Universe).
Math in the movies
Terra server (satellite maps)
A word a day
The mythology of the constellations
Info on Internet petitions


GRC - lots of Windows utilities.
HTML tag
ZIP code search

Tree identification and other natural science

Sierra Bighorn Sheep
Forests Forever
Powers of Ten (as a Java applet)

Interesting people

Dan Hanna

Alternative cosmologies

Supposed discoveries in the atomic structure with another interpretation of the rule n+l.
A theory is proposed that combines philosophy, psychology and evolution biology with physics and astronomics

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