Random links

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  • Sun Yue, my volleyball idol
  • Volleyball games in the bay area

    Math and Science

  • Science Toys
  • Mandelbrot fly-through
  • The known Universe
  • Misconceptions about electricity
  • Phases of Matter
  • Chaos and Jupiter
  • Hyperphysics (excellent physics content)
  • Hypermath
  • Mathworld
  • Forests Forever
  • Powers of Ten (as a Java applet)

    Three-D and vision

  • 3D glasses and other stuff
  • 3d pix from burning man
  • wiggly 3D pictures
  • lcd + cellophane = 3D

    Games and puzzles

  • Links to brain teasers and puzzles (Thanks to Melissa from Harrison Park).
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Kegler's Kryptics (cryptic crossword puzzles) (including "Unus Dies in Circo Maximo").
  • 1000 Blank White Cards
  • Car games


  • International Music Score Library Project
  • The Robert Helps Web Monument
  • Change ringing (for Dorothy L. Sayers fans)
  • SOMAFM.com (online alt radio)
  • Classical vocal reprints
  • Chamber Musicians of Northern California


  • Color Palette Generator takes a photo, generates a matching palette
  • Lynne's glossary of esoteric architecture and design terms
  • Web collage (a dynamic collage of random images from the web)
  • Oyonale (computer-generated images, available as posters)
  • Sister Wendy
  • Sister Randy
  • A bunch of optical illusions

    Just plain good

  • Wordorigins.org
  • The visual thesaurus
  • Northern Exposure
  • Degree Confluence Project
  • Dan Hanna


  • Rich Gibson on Equality, Justice, and Freedome
  • Rich Gibson on Fascism
  • Larry Gonick (A cartoon history of the Universe).
  • Math in the movies
  • A word a day


  • ZIP code search

    Alternative cosmologies (wacko)

  • A theory is proposed that combines philosophy, psychology and evolution biology with physics and astronomics
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