Violeta, Isabel and Angel Parra
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Daughter of a music teacher and a singer/guitarist, Violeta Parra was influenced by her parents since being a child. At the age of nine, the young girl started singing and playing guitar, soon composing traditional Chilean music. After getting married to Luis Cereceda in 1952, the singer/songwriter began touring the country, assimilating the natural charm of her native land, which mostly inspired her work. In 1954, Violeta Parra moved to Europe, deciding to settle down in France, where the artist started recording her poetic songs. When returning to Chile in 1958, Violeta Parra got involved in painting and sculpture, extending her artistic skills even more. In 1961, the singer returned to Europe, this time singing along with her daughter Isabel Parra and her son Angel Parra being responsible for keeping their mother's legacy alive. ~ Drago Bonacich, All Music Guide

Arauco tiene una pena · lyrics
Ayudame Valentina
Corazon Maldito
  (Performed by Mercedes Sosa)
El Albertio
Gracias a la Vida · lyrics+translation
La Carta · lyrics+translation
La Jardinera · lyrics+translation
La Lavandera
Mucho me pasa
  (Angel Parra)
Parabien al Reves · lyrics+translation
Porque los Pobres no Tienen · lyrics+translation
Que Palabra te Dijera
Rio Manzanares · lyrics
Segun el favor del viento · lyrics+translation
Siqueiro Prisionero
  (performed by Isabel Parra)
Todo Cambia · lyrics
  (Performed by Mercedes Sosa; ending is cut off)
Volver a los Diecisiete · lyrics+translation
Yo Canto la Diferencia
Yo defiendo a mi tierra
  (Angel Parra)

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