Photos of Me

random trip report

Me in 1971 (Sophomore year)

A couple of pictures from March 5, 2002.

On a bike ride in Marin, with Jennie Leavell, July 2002. My helmet has an aura of pure radiant energy.

Me in the Berkeley office of United Devices, Jan 2001.

A weird-looking picture of me (with Yucca) that appeared in the german magazine Focus, 11/27/2000.

A super-hi-res shot

Mammoth Peak (Yosemite) summer 2000

Me recently (6/24/99), with the new self-inflicted Buzz Cut.

My late cat Joe and I sharing an ear of corn, ca. 1994. Joe died young (feline leukemia) but led a great life.

Me in grad school, ca. 1985. I printed this one myself in the Wisconsin Memorial Union darkroom. office. Dan Werthimer (SETI collaborator) is just behind me. 5/98.

At the Berkeley Rose Garden. I combed my hair later that day.

Playing piano at my sister Rachel's wedding reception. 1988?

Me with shades, and drink in hand. Party on! Kerstin Fischer's house in Berkeley, 1995.

Halloween 1982 or so, with Mary Zawadzki. She did my hair and makeup.

A low-budget Halloween costume, Madison, around 1980.

Me as Morticia Addams, 1995. Anna Kallis (left) is Gomez. Diana Rowan (my former piano teacher) and her housemate (now husband) Rob are on the right.

Looking a bit demented, ca. 1993. I seem to be wearing this same blue shirt on 2 other pictures here. That's a statistical oddity - I own quite a large number of shirts.

On the slopes of Mt. Rainier (with Dave Gedye), 1996. Another peak of the Cascades (Mt. Adams? Hood?) is visible in the distance.

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