A spur of the moment outing; I needed some exercise. Drove 24/680/Diablo Rd., parked at 2 PM in the last dip before the houses stop. The ascent (11 miles, 600' up to 3849') took 1:50 at a solid, steady pace. Only physical problem: numbness in fingers/toes. It was beautiful, sunny, almost windless, 75-80 degrees. Lingered at the top for a few minutes, ate one of those Power/Granola bar hybrids. A 60-ish Bechtel retiree was holding forth on the sights and their history. Did you know that Pittsburg (CA) is so named because coal was mined there?

The giddy descent took 25 minutes. I stopped for a Mango Smoothie at the Danville Taco Bell.