Eagle Peak with Noah

Dec 22 2013

random trip report

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Noah has been watching "Everest: Beyond the Limit" again and is gripped with summit fever. I take him to Mt. Diablo to climb Eagle Peak, a hike of around 7 miles and 2,200' vertical. We're on the trail shortly after 10 AM.

It's a great day: clear and cool, low 60s. Moderate winds on the high ridges. We park on Regency Dr. and go up Back Creek Trail to Murchio Gap.

Noah's pace is a bit slow and irregular. He insists on going first, and I can make him keep going by threatening to pass him.

Murchio Gap

Noah is a little paranoid about mountain lions. I tell him that mountain lions can tell which humans are cat-lovers and dog-lovers, and they only attack the latter, so we're safe.

We proceed to Eagle Peak. On the way down we turn right onto Coulter Pine Trail, which I hadn't been on before, and is in fact the ideal way to get back.

Selfy at the summit; Noah needs sunglasses

Some haze in the distance, but still a great view

Noah does very well. He gets tired on the descent, but there is no whining.

Near the car. Noah is very tired by this point

.. but still can manage a smile

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