Joshua Tree

November 23-26 2002

random trip report

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Todd Stuart organized an expedition to Joshua Tree. Attending were Todd, me, Rob Vaterlaus, and Sasha Voynow.

Due to an excess of gear we took 3 cars. We got a late start and decided to stay in the Motel 6 in 29 Palms. The first day had nice weather and we climbed in Echo Cove. That night the weather turned cold and blustery. The second day we went to Headstone but it was too windy to climb it, so we did some top-roping lower down, then went to Indian Cove. We stayed at Motel 6 again. The third day was still windy, so after breakfast at the Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree we returned to Indian Cove, and were joined by Todd's friends Clark and two other guys. Rob, Sasha and I drove back that night. A good time was had by all.

Our camp at Jumbo Rocks. My tent blew away later.

I forget where this was

We all failed on this 5.10D

But we enjoyed a nice sunset

Headstone. 5.6 route goes up right edge.

First day at Indian Cove

I led and cleaned this route

Rob completes burly 5.9 start move

Friction is your friend

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